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Puppy Class                       Novice Class               Beginning Advanced


Intermed. Advanced           Conformation Handling (Drop IN) 


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Dog’s Call name  Breed

Age at beginning of class   Dog’s Sex Spayed/neutered?  Yes    No


Has your dog bitten or snapped at anyone?


Has your dog ever been aggressive toward other dogs?


Class Fees enclosed $Checks made payable to SRKC)


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IMPORTANT:  Your deposit should be received at least one week prior to the first class to ensure your placement.  For your dog’s protection, current vaccination proof is MANDATORY.  Please bring proof of shots to the first class.  SRKC may withdraw privileges from any person whose dog is deemed vicious or unruly by the instructor.  There are NO REFUNDS after classes start.

Waiver of Liability:  I have read the Policies and Training Guidelines and this application and understand them, and agree to abide by them.  For consideration of the acceptance of this registration and the said fees, I agree not to hold SRKC and the trainers liable for any loss or injury, for whatever cause, which may occur upon or within the vicinity of the training facility to 1) said dog, myself or anyone handling or training my dog on my behalf and 2 ) to any person or thing which may be alleged to have been caused by my dog,  myself or any person handling or training said dog on my behalf.  I also understand that any child handler 10 and older must be accompanied by an adult.

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